• User friendly front panel Led Indications to monitor system status and rault indication
  • Rocker switch to put OFF Inverter in-case of battery low condition
  • Safest evacuation device as it has no interface with the safety circuit of elevator.
  • No interface with any operating component of elevator motor, brake, door Operator, Rcam, etc.
  • Highly reliable as the entire rescue operation is achieved by just producing 400V, 1 Phase power.
  • Ride quality in rescue mode is same as elevator ride (as the VF Drive runs the Motor during rescue operation).
  • Consistent performance throughout service life of battery as the battery voltage does not effect the output Voltage.
  • Very simple interface and easy and quick to install.
  • Operates in-case of total power failure or single phasing (loss of one phase).
Capacity 5H.P. to 50H.P.
DC Voltage 48V-180V
Type of Batteries SMF 18AH-42AH
Charging current 2Amps
Signal In One Potential free
Signal Out One Potential free  NO/NC
No load shutdown power failure After 180 seconds to avoid battery deep discharge
Single Phase Preventer Standard
Bypass Electro mechanical Switch
1.   Visual(LEDs) Mains ON, Inverter ON, Overload, Charging ON, Battery Low
2.   Audio Inverter Start, Overload Trip, Battery Low, Early Warning.


Power failure in an Elevator can leas to anxious moments to the passengers especially when they are trapped in between floors with automatic doors. Any manual rescue operation is not available on time and is also unsafe. ELETCH brings you the fastest evacuation device called AUTOMATE RESCUE DEVICE.

The Automate Rescue device is designed for VF Elevators and operates the elevator controlled at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation.

  • The rescue device works on the principle of powering and operating the Elevator Controller at rated Voltage to perform the evacuation operation.
  • During Mains Power ON, it monitors power and continuously charges the batteries.
  • In the event of power failure, the Rescue device will initiate with 6 seconds and activate the Inverter. The Powerful Inverter will produce and supply 1-Phase, 400V, sinusoidal power to the controller.
  • The controller will now run the motor through the VF Drive in the Up direction at low (Creep) speed and bring the Elevator to the immediate next floor and open the doors automatically. Upon opening the doors, the trapped passengers shall exit and the Rescue device will automatically switch over the Controller to Mains Power.