• SMPS design
    • High Efficiency
    • Wide input voltage range
    • Low ripple DC charging current
  • Less heating of batteries so battery life improves
  • Boost trickle mode: Assures full charging of batteries & no overchanging
  • Auto /Tubular battery selection: Suitable for automotive & tubular batteries


Model 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V
Input A/C voltage 165 V -265V A/C 50 Hz
Output voltage (trickle mode) 13.5V, 27V, 40.5V, 54V, 81V
Charging current 5 – 8 Amps
Ripple voltage 100 mv- p – p
Terminals Battery cables with lugs
Indication Mains on – LED, charging on LED
Cooling < Natural, Forded Air