• Built-in MPPT charge controller.
  • High peak power for heavy load like motors.
  • Reverse blocking diode to avoid battery discharge in night time.
  • Grid charging enable mode at different battery voltages.
  • Programmable battery charging current limit to avoid over heating of batteries.
  • LED/LCD display for all parameters.
  • Wide and narrow input AC voltage range selection.
  • RTC interface (optional).
  • Use of fifth generation MOSFETS and IGBTs.
  • Designed for long life.
Model 5KVA 8KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA
Battery Voltage 144V 168V 192V 240V 240V 240V
Recommended Panels One panel of 72V cells per two batteries eg.- For 5KVA /144V system 6panels in series & three such strings in parallel.
Input 230V±15% 50Hz 415V±15% 50Hz 415V±15% 50Hz
One Phase Three Phase Three Phase
Output 230V 50Hz±2% 230V 50Hz±2% 230V 50Hz±2%
Single Phase Single Phase Three Phase
Battery Charging by Grid @ 4-8 Amps Adjustable


Battery Charging by Solar @ 5-25 Amps Adjustable
Isolation Galvanic Isolation by Output Transformer
Protection Battery reverse, Solar panel reverse connection, Output Short circuit
1.    Visual LED-mains ON, Inverter ON, Solar ON, Charging ON, Overload, Battery Low
 2.    Audio Inverter start, Overload Warning, Trip, Battery Low warning
3.    LCD I/P Voltage, O/P Voltage, O/P Current, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Programming etc.