solar pcu three phase


  • Built-in MPPT charge controller.
  • Static switch for power transfer.
  • Programmable power source sequence selection.
  • High peak power for heavy load like motors.
  • Reverse blocking diode to avoid battery discharge in night time.
  • Grid charging enable mode at different battery voltages.
  • Programmable battery charging current limit to avoid over heating of batteries.
  • LED/LCD display for all parameters.
  • Wide and narrow input AC voltage range selection.
  • RTC interface (optional).
  • Designed for long life.

To run Elevators installed with A/C Drive.

Model 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA
Battery Voltage 120V 144V 192V 240V 240V
Recommended panels 72 cell panels with 44V OCV & 35V Vmp

One panel for two batteries in series & other in parallel.

Eg.- for 120V system 5 panels in series & such 3-6 rows in parallel

Battery charging current by Solar 5-25 Amps Programmable
Battery charging current by Grid 5-8 Amps Selectable
Power Transfer Switch Static Switch made of two SCRs
Inverter Efficiency 82% 82% 86% 88% 90%
Charger Efficiency 96%
MPPT Algorithm Perturb & Observe
Charge Controller Capacity 30Amp 30Amp 30Amp 50Amp 50Amp
Power Source Priority 1.    Solar Battery 50% Grid Battery

2.    Solar Grid Battery

3.    Grid Battery

Grid Charging 1.    If  VBattery VB< 12V
2.    VBattery< 11V
3.    VBattery < 10.5V Programmable
1.    Visual LED-mains ON, Inverter ON, Solar ON, Charging ON, Overload, Battery Low
 2.    Audio Inverter start, Overload Warning, Trip, Battery Low warning
3.    LCD I/P Voltage, O/P Voltage, O/P Current, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Programming etc.
Protection Battery reverse, Solar panel reverse connection, Output Short circuit
Dimension (W X H X D) (in MM) 300 x 760 x 700 300 x 760 x 700 360 x 880 x 740 360 x 880 x 740 400 x 880 x 740